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We Started with Gaming

In the late 90's, Gem City Digital Founder, Paul Augustine, started a career out of his love for circuitry and electronics repair by servicing pinball, arcade, and other gaming machines. With quality parts and strong attention to detail, Paul spent countless hours diagnosing, polishing and perfecting games in his own personal collection. In addition, he began independently servicing and supplying machines to commercial locations - as well as home users. Paul has become well-known, in the Dayton/Cincinnati area as the gaming machine "go-to" when it comes to home-user and commercial route repair.

Paul's background in electronics repair later allowed him to branch off into servicing other realms of consumer electronics - namely, computers, phones, tablets, and televisions. Though our scope of service has broadened over the years, we have remained closely connected to the local gaming community; These classic game-room style machines bring people together in a way that screen-centered games can not. Keeping the game alive is still very important to us.

Now that we have a broad retail platform, including a demographic that appreciates new and vintage gaming machines, we are proud to offer such machines in our Dayton-based business. We are proud to be able to offer this classic style of machine that has been bringing friends and families together for generations. 

Questions about gaming machines sales, repair, or routes? Contact Paul directly,