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Are you switching from Apple to Android? Ready to upgrade? Have a broken phone you don't want any more? Maybe you just need money for pizza or textbooks? Upgrade and change your mind? 

No matter the reason, we will be happy pay cash for your devices. 

What do we buy?  

We buy working and non-working smart phones; tablets; and computers. Extra gold-stars for you if you can find the original box your devices came in and bring that along, too. 


We almost always pay more than our competitors (including phone stores and big buy-back sites). 

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Classroom Technology Services

Smart Devices = Smart Kids. 

Placing state-of-the-art technology in the hands of your students not only meets their individual educational needs, but empowers teachers as well. We understand how implementing technology in the classroom can improve academic outcomes – and we think that’s fantastic! We also understand that providing these resources school-wide can raise concerns related to upkeep and repair as well as the related costs.

We offer school districts a simple, no-fuss method for getting products repaired quickly, efficiently, and back in the hands of students and teachers – where they belong!

Our Reputation

Gem City Digital is a trusted local service provider known for efficiency, attention detail and affordability. With over six years of concentrated efforts on Apple products alone coupled, with over a decade of IT experience, we offer individuals, businesses and schools a comprehensive and reliable resource to buy, sell and obtain service related to their technology and productivity tools.

We’ve done thousands of Apple related repairs and continue to be one of this area’s most trusted service providers in this area.

We value our customers and their products as a result, customer care and satisfaction is our foremost priority.


  • We demonstrate expert knowledge related to Apple products and continue to improve our best practices to serve our clients in the most effective and efficient way possible.
  • We use only quality parts from trusted suppliers and take extreme care when repairing these devices and protecting the data they contain.
  • We are efficient. Most repairs will be completed same-day.
  • We stand behind our work, offering six-month warranties against manufacturers defects.
  • We will advocate for you, working directly with Apple to obtain any necessary warranty work, service resolutions or replacements.


Members of the community support us and we actively support local schools and businesses in return. You can trust that we are a local solution to your technology related needs and will remain local. We are conveniently located at The Greene and offer pick-up and delivery services for district repairs.

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