We’re your cell phone repair experts!

We take care of tablets, computers, and televisions, too!

Gem City Digital is your friendly, efficient and affordable resource for electronics sales and repair. We’ve completed thousands of cell phone repair jobs for individuals, businesses and organizations. In addition, we specialize in tablet and computer repair. We are one of the Miami Valley’s top-recommended providers when it comes to cell phone repair and electronics repair in general.


We purchase new and used electronics (primarily cell phones, tablets, computers and related devices) every day. We offer these devices to our customers at a very competitive rate! Everyone deserves to own quality technology and our affordable selection of merchandise has something for every budget.


Gem City Digital was founded in 2012. We are a locally owned and operated small business, not a franchise. Therefore, we can offer you individual customer care catering to your unique product and service needs. We value our customers and their products; as a result, caring for you and keeping you satisfied is our foremost priority.


quality Repairs

We do A-Z repairs on cell phones; tablets; computers and more for individuals and organizations.

We use the highest-quality parts; proprietary best-practices; and precision specialty tools. Click 'learn more' for detailed list of our repair services. 

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electronics buy-backs

Upgrading? Need extra cash? We buy new and used cell phones, tablets and computers daily. We will even purchase your broken items - paying a competitive rate and usually more than anyone else in this area (or online). We promise fairness to our customers. If you can trade it in for more elsewhere, we'll tell you.



We stock and sell new and used cell phones, tablets, computers, and accessories. Send us a message or give us a call to check inventory, as it changes daily. We have an affordable selection of quality Mac & PC computers; cell phones; iPods; iPads and other devices. Our inventory is quality controlled; priced fairly; and, as with everything, we stand behind what we sell.

We're about you.

We're here to serve you.

Gem City Digital is a customer-focused organization. We are recognized as a trusted local service provider and widely known for honesty, efficiency, attention to detail and affordability.

We give you our best.

With over six years of concentrated efforts on Apple products alone coupled, and a decade of IT experience, Gem City Digital offers individuals, businesses, and schools a comprehensive and reliable resource to buy, sell and obtain service related to their technology and productivity tools.

We care for you!

We’ve done thousands of Apple related repairs and continue to be one of this area’s most trusted service providers in this area. We value our customers and their products as a result, customer care and satisfaction is our foremost priority.

We give you our best.

So thankful that everyone referred Gem City Digital to me! Fixed my really damaged phone. Everyone stayed late and Paul even came in from home to help! Can’t say enough about how friendly everyone was. Much more affordable than a new phone as well! Thanks so much!!!
— Jessie Soloman Royster

Gem City Digital staff members demonstrate expert knowledge in electronic diagnostics and repair; we constantly work to improve our best practices in an effort to serve our clients in effectively, efficiently and affordably.

We guarantee quality.

We use only quality parts from trusted suppliers and take extreme care when repairing your devices while also protecting your data.

We are efficient.

We know you're busy. We can do many repairs on the spot. Most repairs will be completed same-day.

We stand behind our work. 

We offer six-month warranties against manufacturers defects. Our workmanship is ALWAYS guaranteed. We are easy to work with; have questions or problems about a recent repair? Just give us a call or stop by to talk about it.

We advocate for you.

We can help you reach out to Apple or other manufacturers to obtain any necessary warranty work, service resolutions or replacements on your behalf. 

We present the best option.

When repairs come in, we help you evaluate all your options. Sometimes having us repair your device isn't the best option - there may be a recall; you may have an existing warranty; your insurance may (not usually) do it for less; or your repair may not be worth the cost. We are known for honesty in this area and while presenting all the options may mean losing a possible service this time - by doing so, we are gaining trust - and that's what matters to us.

We offer emergency services!

If you have an emergency situation with your device - call or text us at any time 937-271-5254. We are happy to serve clients with urgent matters, by appointment, outside our normal business hours. And, yes, we offer our normal business hours pricing around the clock. So, no worries.  We are here to help!

We love 937.

We, Complete Detail came to clean the carpets for gem city digital new location, thought I was there to provide a service then realized that I needed these guys more than anything! Love the way they do business and make a way for our damaged goods! This is an A+++ small business and team of guys! Thanks fellas!
— Hold Miles

Gem City Digital is a family-owned and operated local small business founded and managed by native Daytonians. We are proud of Dayton, Ohio and all of the innovation and breakthroughs that have come from this area throughout history. 

Members of the community support us with loyalty and referrals and we actively serve the community, schools, non-profits, and other local businesses in return.

You can trust that Gem City Digital is a local solution to your technology related needs and will remain local.


  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Non-Profit Organizations 

We are proud members of the Beavercreek, Bellbrook-Sugarcreek, and South Dayton Metro Chamber of Commerce organizations.

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Do you represent a local non-profit (501c3) organization? We would love to talk to you. In an effort to give-back to our community, we actively engage with non-profit organizations around the Miami Valley. Please email community@gemcitydigital.com. We would love to hear more about how you're working to keep the Miami Valley amazing!


What People Are Saying

Thank you so much for fixing my macbook computer, Paul! it runs like new, and i would have spent so much more money if I had gotten it fixed anywhere else!!
— Maggie Carey
Quick response. Great work. Better prices than any others I checked into. I highly recommend Gem City Digital!
— Phil Wing
I cannot say enough about Paul and Gem City Digital. Last Sunday I accidentally washed my daughter’s new iPod. I didn’t know what to do... but remembered a friend had told me about Gem City Digital. I called, and even though his store wasn’t open - Paul told me what to do (submerge it in rice) and gave me his home address where I could drop it off, so that he could look at it first thing on Monday. Later Monday afternoon he called me to tell me he had been successfully able to repair it (for a ridiculously low amount, I might add). Then to top it all off... he agreed to meet me to return it, so I wouldn’t have to make an extra trip to the store. Customer service like you have never seen before... almost like a doctor who makes technology house calls. Gem City Digital has a customer for life!
— Vicki Parkes Auditore
So thankful that everyone referred Gem City Digital to me! Fixed my really damaged phone. Everyone stayed late and Paul even came in from home to help! Can’t say enough about how friendly everyone was. Much more affordable than a new phone as well! Thanks so much!!!
— Jessie Soloman Royster


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